Funeral or Sympathy Tribute
"An Expression of Celebrating One's Life." - Donna Matthias

Sending flowers is an appropriate way of expressing sympathy to family or friends who are experiencing the loss of a loved one. It is comforting to know people are thinking about you during your time of sorrow.

Flowers bring color, beauty and joy to those in need of comforting.

Come in to discuss the life of the deceased and personalize your funeral service. We would like to surround your family and friends with "The Life" the decease lived, the accomplishments, love and joys, of his or her life. Celebrate the life and all will be comforted.

Donna is a floral artist and applies her heart-felt compassion into custom designing each funeral tribute. "I express my compassion by turning flowers into pieces of art."

Express your sympathies by sending flowers or plants to the funeral service or to the family's home.